The cornerstone was laid in 1975 by Nikolaos Mazarakis with the cold patisserie cream (RAPIDO MIX), -known throughout the Greek market until today- being the characteristic innovative product of the company at its beginning.

The years go by, needs are growing and in the context of constant competitiveness new investors are invited to lead the way by renewing the image and products of an already reputable company.

So, in 1995 the company Nikolaos Mazarakis Ltd was bought by us, its new family, Michael Strongyloudis and Louloudi Vasiliou and was renamed FLOWER LTD. In 2009, its headquarters were transferred from N. Ionia to Piraeus where it was established under its new legal form and name: Michael Strongyloudis & Co. G.P.

Our company, with almost half a century of experience in the production of confectionery and bakery raw materials, is the wisest choice of the modern confectioner – baker.

We are here for all those professionals who want to ensure the quality of their creations. Always respecting tradition, we dare to be innovative and try new ideas, as imposed by the new market trends and the always growing, demanding general public.



As part of the development of our company, we are constantly investing in training seminars and collaborations with the best teams of technical scientists. We create new innovative products with new production methods, always with deep knowledge of the field and of the needs of our time. Our coatings and mixes, according to the new trends of confectionery, stand out for their natural flavours and are distinguished in the Greek market thanks to their high quality.

The continuous development of our clientele in collaboration with merchants and reputable professionals is just one of the main results, a sound proof of our successful and firmly structured course of our company.

From our facilities in Piraeus, we coordinate and cover the entire Greek market, having an expanded, controlled and organized network of partners – representatives. Regarding the transportation and distribution of our products throughout the country, they are carried out by the best certified transport companies, while our own trucks serve the wider Attica region.

The technical support to our customers and the promotion of our products are carried out with the help of renowned bakers – confectioners, who are familiar with an expanded field of traditional and modern preparation methods.

Expertise and quality are two of the main reasons that make us stand out and excel over others.

Our company has the knowledge to produce goods, the quality of which can be compared with the best imported and domestic ones.

Our main goal and challenge for the future, -apart from our continuous improvement- is none other than the creation of new products and their promotion, so that they always conquer the place that they deserve in the market.